Tuesday, April 13

Crashing Moose Populations in the Chilcotin

The declining moose population is becoming a serious problem in the Chilcotin.

Chief Joe Alphonse, Tribal Chair of the Tsilqot’in National Government, says he’s fearful if immediate action is not taken they will be seeing a total elimination of this species within this region.

Alphonse says the government needs tighter restrictions on hunting licenses

“We think that this current government is issuing out way too many hunting licenses and there had to be tighter restrictions on allowance of how many hunters we get out there in the Chilcotin.  And what are we going to do with this overall moose population and talk about diferent strategies that could be utilized that could be effective.”

Alphonse states that the Tsilqot’in nation is dependent on the moose population and they want to get together with the government to discuss ways to keep the population from declining.